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MAbH, Mortuus Auris & the Black Hand, The White Meadows, Yama-no-kami


‘all that we have is just an echo of what was’ by maBh, ota tapes [august 2019]

Poem to land, community and strangers.

rEEl discovery / what can I do?

commercial interruption / news broadcast / mirrored TV / fourth radio / rhizome information

them / they / gentlemen please

push the red / rushes, day rushes / cyan sweep green faces

all that we have / we cultivate


‘cinjusti’ by mabh, tymbal tapes [september 2018]


“ambient record of the year” ~Dead Definition

"In one of the most immediately engaging ambient tapes of this year. MAbH is the UK based artist Peter Taylor. In a seemingly bottomless bag of tricks, Taylor pulls out all the stops to create an album of maximum beauty with minimal inputs. It's got everything: Disembodied Julianna Barwick vocals, disembodied percussion, bells ringing through a thousand empty rooms. Great find."

~Tome To the Weather Machine


‘kosmos’ by mabh, aescape sounds [august 2018]

This album is a stepping stone from the bleak landscapes and miniatures of STRAIN/GALAXY, which was released on Hylé Tapes a few years ago. It centers on a simple chord structure filtered through various channels to create a soundtrack of sorts. The primary goal was to capture the raw elements of sound which have driven my creative output as a musician.


‘journal of a disappointed man’ by mabh, never anything [july 2016]

The slow dissolve of my own civilisation.

“The latest in a long run of great releases on labels like Stunned and Hyle Tapes, Peter Taylor’s work as Mortuus Auris continues to reach into a unique pocket between outer-space and chamber music vibes. There is a lot of piano on this tape, an instrument that rarely gets its due in experimental circles nowadays. Simple piano motifs shift between solo and chamber music textures, manipulated with delay pedals and looped fragments. On the whole, this is a very tonal and approachable set of pieces, rich with melancholy, but the centerpiece of the album is the longer and more abstracted “Temporal Anomalies of the Mind,” whose cosmic excursions feel like bits of satellite transmissions coalescing into new forms.”

~Scott Scholz, Tabs Out


‘Strain/Galaxy’ by MAbH, Hyle Tapes [October 2015]

“Beginning with elegant minimalism and a sense of ethereal grace, Mortuus Auris & The Black Hand’s “Strain/Galaxy” released on Hylé Tapes is an amalgamation of ambient experimentation that feels nothing short of otherworldly in the most beautiful sense. Electronic purrs and whines streak across the composition like comets through a night sky on side A (Strain) of the tape. The piece ebbs into waves of harmonic tones, flows on to include resonating feedback and distant sounds of echoed chants and finally, concludes with a poised and poignant feeling composition on piano, bringing listeners back to earth from their trip to the stars that began the piece.”

~United Cassettes


sleep’ by mabh, stunned records [october 2010]

The journey to fatherhood took a turn I never expected. Upon the birth of my daughter I felt compelled to communicate in the early stages of her life. A newborn has a whole world of sound and shapes to contend with. I used this as a point of reference to begin a sonic trip into nebula static, white noise and otherworldly tones. I built a pallet from a hundred culled cassette tapes, eroded vinyl and electronic tones. ‘sleep,’ is conceived for ultimate spatial displacement, allowing the listener to absorb, focus and drift. Each tone is focused on a particular emotion and state of slumber — the drift, the doze and the deep sleep.